Our Mission & Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable women to be confident by dressing in a way that makes them feel good about who they are. With love and support from our in-person and online community and customers, we hope to make the world around us a better place by giving back.  

Our Story 

Welcome to Grant and Grace! On a girl’s trip to Nashville for Christmas shopping, empty retail space and the desire to be inspired planted the seeds that would grow into what is now Grant and Grace. In the wake of the loss and grief, those seeds were watered, and we hope to see it continue to grow and flourish with your help.

Jordan unexpectedly lost her husband, Trey, in March of 2021 from a heart condition. In his memory, she created the Trey Grant Campbell Memorial Scholarship Fund which provides scholarships for high school seniors who have also experienced and overcome loss or grief. The idea for Grant and Grace T-shirts was considered with the desire to raise money for the scholarship fund. Taiya is making this dream happen by donating all profits from the Grant and Grace T-Shirts to the Scholarship Fund.